What Edwyn Collins is up to…


Having released the rather fine Losing Sleep album in 2010, Edwyn Collins is reportedly ‘working like the clappers’ on a new album, which is two thirds completed. There will also be an album released through iTunes in December, also to be entitled Down The Line.

This is rather sweet – and any new Edwyn Collins material has always got to be a good thing, right?

Given that it is quite hard to get hold of many of his records, both solo and with Orange Juice (well, as in buy – I dare say you can search online but that’s not the point really, is it?) I take great comfort from reading this:

“Also anticipate a series of releases of Edwyn’s solo catalogue. Deleted, lost and forgotten albums and other recordings will resurface; remastered and wrapped up in special, carefully prepared sleeves. He’s back where he always felt most comfortable, doing it all himself, with his unflinching eye for detail and beauty.”

You can stream ‘Down That Line’ here:

EDWYN COLLINS – Down The Line by Analogue Enhanced Digital

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