Christmas Posts 2011 #6

As well as posting a few favourites from years gone by, I do try and post new Christmas-related stuff during the festive season.

So, a few things that have arrived in my inbox that I’d like to share with you.


Model Village describe themselves as a folksy pop band from London and Cambridge, and they are Dan, Ian, Piers, Rachel, Mark, Kenny, Kev and Ellie. They have described this as ‘a Christmas song that’s not really about Christmas.’ It works for me.

Next up, this is a radical re-working of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ by the Dirty Tees. It is clearly dividing people, which at least means it’s being listened to. You should, too.


Frank Sinatra – Winter Wonderland (The Dirty Tees Remix) by thedirtytees

Finally, follow this link to hear Glasgow’s The Sundancer and ‘Christmas Isn’t Just For Christmas.’

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