Christmas Posts 2011 #18


Ohio’s The Waitresses are best known these days for ‘Christmas Wrapping.’ This reached no.45 in 1982, and became a cult classic. I heard it on XFM in London (pre Scotland days) and at first was convinced that it was a Debbie Harry or Blondie side-project (it wasn’t; though the band’s drummer, Billy Ficca is perhaps best known as Television’s drummer).

The version here is the 12″ version, ripped from the single I found in a charity shop about eight years ago.

Waitresses-‘Christmas Wrapping (12″ version).’ mp3

…did I say cult classic? There’s a number of cover versions doing the rounds, including one that’s new from Dog Is Dead.

Save Ferris -‘Christmas Wrapping.’ mp3

Miss The Occupier -‘Christmas Wrapping.’ mp3

Next post is going to be the 17 Seconds Festive Fifty…

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