The return of Sinead O’Connor


A few weeks before Christmas, I received an email from her PR company to say that Sinead O’Connor was releasing a new album How About I Be Me (And You Be You?) on February 20.

Now, that was certainly good news to me. I first came across Sinead O’Connor…no, not with that song but back in 1988 when she appeared on The Roxy and Top Of the Pops performing a song called ‘Mandinka’. This was followed by a mesmerising track called I Want Your hands On Me and then a certain Prince cover brought her massive success.

Quite why a woman with a shaved head seemed so controversial I don’t know. She was forthright in her opinions – and that shocked many. Rather like with Madonna, people seemed to forget it was her msuic that bought her to attention in the first place. More fool them.

The tracklisting for her new album – her ninth -is as follows:

1. “4th And Vine”
2. “Reason With Me”
3. “Old Lady”
4. “Take Off Your Shoes”
5. “Back Where You Belong”
6. “The Wolf Is Getting Married”
7. “Queen Of Denmark”
8. “Very Far From Home”
9. “I Had A Baby”
10. “V.I.P.”

Apparently it does NOT include the song ‘How About I Be Me?’ but you can buy that track off downlaod services now – nice reggae feel to it, worth checking out and buying.

You can stream two tracks here:

2 new songs by sineadoconnor

She will be playing five dates in 2012:

9th March, Brighton St Georges Church

10th March, London Queen Elizabeth Hall

12th March, Bristol St. Georges Hall

14th March, Glasgow Oran Mor

15th March, Manchester Manchester Cathedral

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