Presenting…FEVR PITCH


…and yes, those capital letters are intentional.

This popped into my inbox a little while ago. FEVR PITCH are an LA-based electro/dubstep group consisting of Marty Rod (singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist), British dance producer Mark Okah (who also directed the video below) and Dubstep, drumpstep DJ/producer/remixer extraordinaire Kill Paris (possibly not his real name).

Their rather awesome EP The Flash EP, was released in October – and thus alas, is too late for consideration in my end of year lists for 2011.

Not that that should stop you checking this out, because it’s really rather fine. All four tracks stand alone in their own right, and make for a proper EP (as opposed to some ‘great, good song now let’s cobble some crap to go alongside it’ approach). In as encouraging way as possible, I think if you enjoy MGMT and Animal Collective and music in that vein, I think this EP will appeal to you. I’m loving this – and hoping to hear more from the band sometime very, very soon.

Stream the EP below. If you like it – go and buy it!


This is the video for the lead track on the EP, called ‘Running Away.’ More than just a little bit cool, I think you’ll agree.

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