Album Review – RM Hubbert


RM Hubbert -‘Thirteen Lost & Found’ (Chemikal Underground)

This record has already been gatehring favourable critical notices. Within a few seconds of putting it into the car stereo a few nights ago, I knew I was in for an extremely atmospheric car ride…and indeed it was, as my son and I headed into the cold Scottish January night.

Impressively, this record is largely acoustic. The former El Hombre Trajedo frontman works some kind of alchemy, so that even with just an aocustic guitar the effect can be as powerful as Mogwai at full tilt. And for those, like me, who are excited by these things, the supporting cast list includes (but is by no means exclusive to) Alasdair Roberts, Luke Sutherland (Bows, Long Fin Killie), Emma Pollock and Paul Savage (ex-Delgados), Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) and Aidan Moffat. It is, quite simply, an album that results in being almost unbearably beautiful.

There is an extremely high likelihood of this record becoming one of the most essential records of 2012. As far as I am concerned, it already is.


Thirteen Lost & Found is out now on Chemikal Underground

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