EP review – Burial


Burial -‘Kindred EP’ (Hyperdub)

Good God.

There are no doubt those who will see the release of a three-track dubstep EP as being something not to worry their pretty little heads about, as they sit there wondering when guitar music is going to come back into vogue yet again.

Well, more fool them. Because this EP -which I suppose indeed IS a three track dubstep EP – is a phenomenal piece of work. It clocks in at thirty minutes, and it’s one of those releases that is rewarding, yet emotionally draining at the same time. Burial’s third album seems to have been a long time coming but the follow-up to 2007’s Untrue (my favourite album of that year) can take as long as it needs to when the enigmatic producer releases music as incredible as this.

The three tracks herein are smply stunning. Whilst it’s kind of amusing that the Hyperdub website has to put the explanatory ‘The skips and cut outs on the track ‘Ashtray Wasp’ are intentional’ the range of emotions that this music reaches is truly incredible. It manages to be music for the head and heart, and quite possibly the feet as well.

The aural equivalent of someone having their cake, eating it and making trifle out of it as well.


Not ideal but links have been posted on Youtube to the tracks. This will let you stream them – I still implore you to go and buy these if you like what you hear!



Ashtray Wasp

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