Album Review: Ghosts

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Ghosts -‘The End’ (Pocket Records)

The debut album for the five-piece is unashamedly pop! Not in a dumbed down sense, but in the way that the likes of The Pet Shop Boys, Swimmer One or Saint Etienne make music that is pop, without that inferring teeny-bopper, or being somehow inferior to rock or indie.

There might be those who see album opener and current single ‘Ghosts’ as being dark-wave, but the album does have slightly less dark moments, like first single ‘Enough Time.’ It’s music that could get you on the dancefloor, yet simultaneously it’s thinking person’s music without having to imply pseud/beard-stroking etc..

It doesn’t necessarily rewrite the rule book, but this is a strong collection of songs, and so good to hear a record that is heartfelt and haunting without being worthy or self-indulgent.

The end? Hopefully the beginning…


The End is released on Pocket Records on April 15.

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