Presenting…Aggi Doom


Glasgow’s Aggi Doom are just fantastic. They describe themselves as being ‘dark wave’ – though as one or two others have observed, this may be to throw the unsuspecting off the scent…I am so smitten with their forthcoming ‘Bring Me The Head’/’Cakewalk’ single (due out on Soft Power on May 21) that I played said single five times in a row.

They are Claudia Nova, Scott Caruth, Hillary Van Scoy and Joan Sweeney. Although their facebook page descrbes our three heroines and hero as being ‘unsigned’ they have contributed a track called ‘The Loving Kind’ to a Creeping Bent compilation called Fluxing Up The Aesthetic, as well as the aforementioned Soft Power single.

They combine the best of The Raincoats with a nod to 60s garage rock and exude the sort of cool that The Slits’ older sisters might have had (actually, speaking of which, they did support Viv Albertine in Glasgow a few months ago). Yes, I could talk about c81 and c86 (I may have done that too often here on 17 Seconds in the last six years), but they are so very, very good. And there is so much more to them than this.

For now, check out this below:

…and I’d really love to know what you think.

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