The return of the Pictish Trail


Johnny Lynch, part of the famous Fence Collective, and better known as The Pictish Trail ,has come up with an interesting idea for his new single.

Entitled ‘Of Course You Exist’, it is a physical release…of a sort. Not for our man, vinyl, CDs or even a limited cassette of 100.

Instead, both versions are sewn into the seams of a sweatshirt and t-shirt as two separate download bundles. Check out Johnny and Kenny Anderson AKA King Creosote modelling them above!

There is a new EP out in July, and a tour and album to follow later in the year.

Enjoy the track above for now!

Buy the t-shirts here and here from the Fence website.

Update: May 3, 2012

This remix by Edinburgh’s FOUND collective (now signed to Chemikal Underground, dontchooknow) was made available to download free yesterday:

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