The continuing story of The Pictish Trail


Pictured above is Johnny Lynch AKA The Pictish Trail. As you’re almost certainly aware (if you have followed the Scottish DiY scene at all in any way shape or form) he used to run the Fence label together with Kenny Anderson AKA King Creosote..

Johnny Lynch now runs Lost Map Records and has signed to Moshi Moshi Records in London. Having released Secret Soundz Vol. 1 & 2 separately in 2008 and 2012 respectively (read my review of Vol. 2 here), the two albums will be released as one package through Moshi Moshi on June 9.

‘Wait Until’ is the new single. He also headlines Big Day In at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus this Sunday (April 20).

For more forthcoming gigs see here, including in-stores over the next week or so and a full tour in May.

Album Review: The Pictish Trail


The Pictish Trail -‘Secret Soundz Vol. 2’ (Fence)

So, it would be terribly easy to be flippant about this release and simply state that it’s the follow-up to the Fence head honcho’s debut (hence the ‘vol.2’ bit). But that would be missing the point and doing Johnny Lynch a terrible injustice.

See, the reality is that this is really a rather beautiful and really wonderful album. Like many Scots artists, melancholy and beauty run through his work (I could reel off a list of names here, but that would be missing the point. Go and do your own research.) The term ‘folktronica’ has become derrided and sneered at -but what our hero does here on his second album is to produce an album that ably mixes, well, folk and electronica, and produces something really great. And the thing is, you can mix up styles as much as you like -but at the end of the day, it’s still important to be able to turn them into coherent songs, dammit, and this album certainly succeeds on that.

Some tracks like ‘Wait Until’ have more of a definite experimental electronic feel, while others, such as ‘Sequels’ and ‘Of Course You Exist’ are more of an investigation into how folk music might sound. And sure, this album will be poured over by Fence’s ever-growing band of devotees, and lauded and parised in Scotland -but if there’s any justice, the reach and adoration will be far further afield than that.


Secret Soundz Vol.2
is released by Fence on January 21.

The return of the Pictish Trail


Johnny Lynch, part of the famous Fence Collective, and better known as The Pictish Trail ,has come up with an interesting idea for his new single.

Entitled ‘Of Course You Exist’, it is a physical release…of a sort. Not for our man, vinyl, CDs or even a limited cassette of 100.

Instead, both versions are sewn into the seams of a sweatshirt and t-shirt as two separate download bundles. Check out Johnny and Kenny Anderson AKA King Creosote modelling them above!

There is a new EP out in July, and a tour and album to follow later in the year.

Enjoy the track above for now!

Buy the t-shirts here and here from the Fence website.

Update: May 3, 2012

This remix by Edinburgh’s FOUND collective (now signed to Chemikal Underground, dontchooknow) was made available to download free yesterday: