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Every so often, as a blogger, someone comes along and writes something so almost perfect about an artist or a song, that all you can do is cut and paste and it and attribute it to them.

In the case of this posting, it’s happened not once, but twice.

Of R.M. Hendrix’s ‘Summer Dresses’, The Boston Phoenix said ‘ dream-pop fuzz for people just itching to get the f**k outside…that wouldn’t be out of place on a beat-up Maxell mixtape alongside early New Order and the Jesus & Mary Chain.’ Meanwhile New York’s Indie Rock Blog 32ft/sec says, “Sonically, much is borrowed from twee-rock bands like Pains of Being Pure At Heart and fellow, sepia-toned, reverb dealers, Letting Up Despite Great Faults. “Summer Dresses” is an ode to tanned, browned knees, grass-stained feet and a guitar line that bobs forever in the surf like some lost, entirely fecund Robert Smith demo tape.”

It combines the best of The Cure, New Order, shoegaze, tweepop/c-86, Sonic Youth, Dinosuar Jr and reaches for the skies like a rocket built on no budget but a sky-high amount of ambition and reaches it. See what you think…

Now, that should have impressed you. It certainly impresses me -and believe me, I hear a lot of ‘quite good’ better than average stuff.’ This falls into the category of ‘this is so good I’m going to have to blog about it now. And tell friends X, Y and Z because I think they’ll really like it.’ You can check out far more via the Bandcamp page

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