Wavre are a brand new band.

When I say brand new, I mean it. As in: they’ve only just got together as an act (their facebook page is less than two weeks old, fer Chrissakes). They’re from Dallas, Texas and consist of Garry Brents (bass, vocals and keyboards) and Dominique Patton (vocals, keyboards and samples). they first grabbed my attention because they mentioned The Cure and Mogwai in their email (I know! I’m such a sucker!! It worked.). The first influence they list is Twin Peaks, but they also mention 17 Seconds favourites like Burial, Explosions in the Sky and Yuck. This all adds up to an impressive whole. Utterly beautiful and compelling. I am eager to hear more and have had these on repeat this evening.

As far as I can tell they haven’t played live yet. They have however put together an impressive collection of demos and these are free to download. They are also starting to get blog love already, from both The Sound Of Confusion and Indie Middle Of Nowhere
. There will almost certainly be more.

This is from their soundcloud page. If these are just the demos, then God alone knows how fricking awesome their debut LP will sound.

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