Presenting…Young Romance


I think I mentioned the other week that I was doing some writing for both Never Enough Notes and God Is In The TV? Well, this band, Young Romance, are a tip I picked up from the latter.

Young Romance are a two piece act, with Paolo Ruiu on guitar, and Claire Heywood, who plays drums and sings. They have just made their third single available as a free download, and it is heartbreakingly brilliant. They take the c-86 indiepop template and run with it. And make you fall in love and break your heart, all within the space of a single song.

No, just because they have a girl on drums it does NOT mean they sound like THe White Stripes or The Carpenters. Got past that lazy stereotype? Good. Now let yourself be blown away by this:

This is an earlier track, ‘Swollen Hearts, Bitten Tongues’:

My new favourite band. Beautiful, gorgeous stuff. Turn it up. Loud. Put them on the mixtape you make for the boy or girl you fancy. Spread the word in any way you can.

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