The continuing rise of Letters

lettersI have featured the rather fine Edinburgh noiseniks Letters on this blog before, both last year and earlier this year.

It’s privilege to be able to feature them again. Two important things you need to know:

Firstly, they released the awesome (****) Older Motion Pictures EP a couple of months ago, the follow-up to the brilliant ‘The Halfway House’ single. You can get it from all good digital distributors. Although some were ready to cry ‘foul!’ last year when people got very excited about Letters before they had even released a record or played much by way of gigs (I saw one of their earliest, supporting The Last Battle), tracks like ‘Torrent’ and ‘Older Motion Pictures’ show a band who are continuing to grow, to the point that they are firing on all cylinders.

Stream it below, and then go and buy it.

Not only that, but on August 14 they will play a late night slot at The Space in Edinburgh, as part of The Fringe. This will take place form Midnight. Nightowls and music lovers, get yourselves along.

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