Presenting…Jesus, baby!


August is nearly upon us. In Edinburgh that means the Festival and the way bigger than the Festival insanity that is the Fringe. Which I spend most of the year looking forward to, and most of it getting fed up at the inability to move anywhere.

This last Sunday saw me with Mrs. 17 Seconds and baby 17 Seconds, and Father and Mother 17 Seconds wandering around town before things get stupid. Sitting in the Fruitmarket Gallery, I picked up a copy of The Leither magazine.

It is hailing a track called ‘Caterpillar Tango’ by Jesus, Baby! as the song of the year so far.

Read the article in question here. If you want names to drop, well, it’s sung by Davey Henderson (that’ as in (deep breath:) Fire Engines, Win, Nectarine No.9 and the Sexual Objects Davey Henderson), as well as Bill Ryder Jones (ex-The Coral) and others involved.

Stream the track below, it really is bloody awesome:

They had three launches for this – try Avalanche in Edinburgh as your first port of call for the 7″.

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