Darren Hayman…he’s still working at a fantastic rate!


It seems that – six months at the most- I am frequently writing about yet another new release from Darren Hayman.

I certainly don’t begrudge it -he’s a genius and he’s prolific as anything, with an amazingly high standard of quality control. And some very quirky ideas for projects.

His latest album is entitled Lido (also the debut album by the criminally underrated Clearlake, all those years ago) is all about open air Swimming Pools. Many of these have now closed in the UK, but retain more than a slight air of beauty about them, particularly from people who love the art deco style. Oh, and the album’s completely instrumental.

This is the tracklisting for the album:

1. London Fields
2. Black Rock Baths
3. Brockwell Park
4. Parliament Hill
5. Saltdean
6. The Knap
7. Super Swimming Stadium
8. Brentwood
9. Tinside
11.Kings Meadow
12.The Jubilee Pool
13.Purley Way
14.Tooting Bec

This is ‘Jubilee Pool’

This is the video:

…and there is also another video, this time for ‘Super Swimming Stadium’

Super Swimming Stadium by Darren Hayman from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

Also, if you are in the London area in September, Darren has an exhibition of all the artwork from the album from 3rd – 16th September at Rough Trade East Record shop. This can be found at: Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

The album can be pre-ordered from the bandcamp for the vinyl version.

Finally, this Saturday (August 4) Darren is one of the guests at Withered Hand’s show at the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh.

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