Glasgow Post-rockers VASA are Blaine Thompson (Guitar), Scott Coupar (Guitar), John Niblock (Bass) and Alex Gordon (Drums). They take their name from the failed Swedish warship that sank on its maiden voyage, in fact it didn’t even make it out of the harbour. (I’m going to assume this is all true, I’m wowed by the track but too tired tonight to spend hours googling and surfing the net to confirm Swedish Naval History).

This is their debut single ‘Cynthia’ which is taken from their forthcoming EP Never Have Dreams, released on December 14. And yes, people will draw comparisons with Mogwai, because they’re post-rock and instrumental, but comparisons might also be drawn with tortose because it’s quite Math-rock too, but it never outstays its’ welcome.

Listen this way, it’s a mighty fine way to start your career, this:

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