Presenting…Asfandyar Khan


This evening, there were so many submissions in my inbox, it was wearying going through stuff. Yet the record I’ve been meaning to write about for the last ten days is the work of Islamabad, Pakistan’s Asfandyar Khan.

Citing his influences as Matthew Robert Cooper, Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker and perhaps most of all, Brian Eno, he has just released his second album Elsewhere.This is guitar based ambient music, with hints of post-rock that is really beautiful and deserving of as wide an audience as possible. And to these ears, it’s not overstepping the mark to say that Elsewhere compares favourably to the likes of Music For Airports.

Asfandyar’s album can be downloaded for free below. If you like what you hear, though, why not make a contribution? Once you’ve heard the opening two tracks, you will want to hear the whole thing.

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