Christmas Posts 2012 #3


One of my favourite Christmas tracks this evening.

‘Christmas Wrapping’ by the Waitresses dates from 1981, and although not a big hit at the time in the UK (it reached no.45 in 1982), the story of a boy and girl who spend most of the year not quite getting together until…has become a perennial favourite.

I’ve posted the 12″ version before, which I think is superior to the version that seems to crop up on all the Christmas comps, so here it is again.

Waitresses -‘Christmas Wrapping (12″ version).’ mp3 This has been removed. For the last time, I don’t post these files to stop people buying music but to encourage them! Copyright agencies do not understand the internet.

…and two cover versions that have been doing the while for a while now:

Miss The Occupier -‘Christmas Wrapping.’ mp3

Save Ferris -‘Christmas Wrapping.’ mp3

Oh, and I know The Spice Girls covered it, as well. You can find this one for yourselves…

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