Album Review: Ardentjohn


Ardentjohn -‘Waiting For The Season.’ (self-released)

Following on from their debut album On The Wire which came out in 2010, Ardentjohn, the band who began with a fistfight on the Isle of Bute are back.

And if you heard their debut, and quite reasonably fell for its gentle charms, then guess what? The same gentle charms are here again. Yes, they are folky, but panic not, they sound nothing like Mumford & Sons. This is perfect Sunday morning listening, and as with their debut, there is a gentle Scottish pastoralism that runs through the album, with those gorgeous harmonies.

Ardentjohn never set out to rewrite the rule book or challenge sonic conventions. What they do set out to do is to write and play music that is lovely, and the more people that hear this album and take it to their hearts…well that can only make the world better place, at least for a time.


Waiting For The Season is out now

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