The long-awaited return of Prefab Sprout


Paddy McAloon and Prefab Sprout are set to return with their first album in…twelve years on October 7.

Entitled Crimson/Red, the album will be released on Icebreaker Records and the tracklisting for the album is as follows:

The Best Jewel Thief In The World
The List Of Impossible Things
Grief Built The Taj Mahal
Devil Came A Calling
The Dreamer
The Songs Of Danny Galway
The Old Magician

According to Uncut, Paddy McAloon plays all the instruments on the album. These videos are doing the rounds on YouTube. It would suggest that the new album is going to be very, very good indeed…

4 thoughts on “The long-awaited return of Prefab Sprout

  1. While I can understand anybody not wanting to acknowledge the existence of Let’s Change The World With Music, if Paddy McAloon’s playing everything on this album and it still counts as Prefab Sprout, then surely so does that one, so 12 years is a bit off.

  2. Brian – you’re welcome!

    Alex – can see what you’re saying, it’s what the press releases seem to be saying, so I went with that.

    A similar case might be made about albums under the Waterboys or Mike Scott name…

  3. Sounds good. Let’s hope the rest is as good; Prefab Sprout were a classy act and I too look forward to this one. Give us a heads up when it’s released 🙂

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