Album Review: Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand -‘Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action.’ (Domino)

Though it’s been four years since their third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, this album hasn’t been in the making all that time. In recent interviews, singer Alex Kapranos has spoken of his fristrations and how he almost called time on the band.

Thankfully for us, he didn’t. When the opening and title track ‘Right Action’ started doing the rounds a few months ago, it was clear that FF were all sounding rejuvenated and ready to get on with making great songs again. It is, after all, ten years ago since they dropped the phenomenal ‘Darts of Pleasure’ single and then six months later dropped a self-titled debut that proved they were worth the hype. Those of us who’d seen them live (several times in the case of this writer) knew our faith was justified.

It isn’t the best album in their catalogue – I think that’s still their debut. But tracks like ‘Love Illumination’ and ‘Brief Encounters’ show that the comeback single was no fluke, and whilst I’m still waiting for another Franz album to make my jaw drop, I’m reminded why I fell so hard for them a decade ago.


Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action is out now on Domino.

Stream the album in its entirety here

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