Getting ready for 2014

Mogwai 2013

Yup. The year still has two more months yet to run, but already those of us who blog and write for websites are being asked to consider our favourites for this year and who might be our top tips for next year.

In addition to which, some people are getting ready to release new albums, and first up are Mogwai.

Although Mogwai’s last studio album Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will came out in 2011, it doesn’t seem like so long, perhaps because in that time they have given us the remix album A Wrenched Virile Law and the Les Revenants soundtrack, as well as a couple of EPs, so the home fires have been kept burning, so to speak.

Their seventh studio album is entitled Rave Tapes, which will be released on January 20 and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Heard About You Last night

2. Simon Ferocious

3. Remurdered

4. Hexon Bogon

5. Repelish

6. Master Card

7. Deesh

8. Blues Hour

9. No Medicine For Regret

10. The Lord Is Out Of Control

You can stream ‘Remurdered’ below…

…and if you submit your email, you can download the mp3 for free!

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