The return of Coldplay


There are, doubtless, some people who feel I shouldn’t blog about Coldplay. They have been phenomenally successful, and probably come the closest to doing a U2 (i.e. coming from a very, very slightly leftfield tradition and gone on to sell millions of records and committing the cardinal sin of selling music to people who don’t usually buy music) than any other act. Why should a blog cover them when it will be featured everywhere? However, I’ve always liked them, and whilst it’s perfectly fair to slag off a band if you feel they make rubbish records, it’s pathetic to slag them off just because they’re successful.

This May they will release their sixth album. It’s entitled Ghost Stories and it’s out on May 19.

This is the first track to premiere from the album last week, which is uncharacteristic of Coldplay (though the band have worked with Brian Eno several times, and his influence is all over this track). This is called ‘Midnight.’

This track will be the first single proper from the album, entitled ‘Magic.’

Of the two tracks I’m more impressed with ‘Midnight’. Certainly, there will be those who sneer that it’s Coldplay and it will just sound like them. But if you’re open to challenging your prejudices why not give it a try?

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

‘Always In My Head’
‘True Love’
‘Another’s Arms’
‘A Sky Full Of Stars’

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