Album Review – Soledad Vélez

Soledad Vélez -‘Run With Wolves’ (Absolute Beginners)

Hailing from Valencia, Soledad Vélez’s debut album, Wild Fishing, suggested that here was most definitely not just another singer-songwriter. (Thank God for that.) She drew on folk and blues, and produced a record that suggested her spiritual heirs were more like Cat Power or PJ Harvey.

That debut was strong, and suggested she had considerable promise. On the follow-up, the comparisons with the aforementioned singer-songwriters are applicable- but most definitely as a compliment. (Think Moon Pix and To Bring You My Love.) Personal, without being whiney or self-indulgent. There’s still a fair amount of darkness here – but without losing anything of what made that album quite a startling listen. It’s perhaps an easier album to get to grips with, and one which suggests that she is developing as a songwriter and performer.

Album opener ‘On Fire’ and ‘South Mountain’ may be the best places to start, but this is an impressive sophomore album, and I look forward to seeing which direction she heads on her third album.


Run With Wolves is out now on Absolute Beginners.

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