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One of the things about the internet in the near two decades I’ve been using it is that it is possibly to lose huge chunks of your life checking out stuff. As I write I’m streaming music by the fabulous William Basinski that I haven’t ever seen to buy. That’s via Deezer, but a place where I could lose decades of my life (if I didn’t need to be grounded by the practical realities of this world that I really value), is Ubuweb.

Call it an archive, call it a repository, it’s there to help preserve things that might get lost and are often out of print. Or referred to but damn near impossible to see, read or hear.

So you can gorge yourself on William S. Burroughs’ work
, including the legendary collaboration with Kurt Cobain ‘The “Priest” They Called Him’ and a documentary on Burroughs for Radio 4 presented by Laurie Anderson. You can watch documentaries on Philip Glass’ Einstein On The Beach opera. And download the six albums Momus made for Creation in the late eighties and early nineties, for free. And watch films made by Kenneth Anger that always seem to be referred to, but I’ve not got round to watching yet.


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