Album A&E #1 The Drums

A new occasional feature on the blog where I pick up on albums that have dropped off the radar…

Back in 2010, The Drums’ released their debut self-titled album (read my review here). They got a lot of coverage, much of it positive, but when their second album Portamento wasn’t as good, they seemed to slip off the radar.

Now they’re about to release their third album, Encyclopedia – and you can find out more about that over at their website. I’ve been listening to the first album again today – if you’ve never heard it or haven’t played it in a while, give it a listen. I realised just how much I enjoyed it at the time of its release -and still do. If you’re just up for cherry picking, try ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ ”Down By The Water’ (no, not the PJ Harvey song!) and ‘Me and the moon.’

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