Getting ready for 2015 part 4: Wasted Wine

I must confess that these guys were new to new to me, but the seven-minute epic ‘The Post Office’ manages to combine US angst with gypsy and East European mystery, and then coda with a piano interlude which comes from nowhere. All of which makes their forthcoming album Wasted Wine vs. the Hypnosis Center, due out in February 2015, a rather exciting proposition.

The band have evolved since their inception in 2006, but they are currently Robert Gowan (front man/violinist/multi-instrumentalist); guitarist Buck Dollars (guitar NB this *MAY* not be his real name); Lou Buckingham (bass), and Tim DeLisle (drums). There are ‘occasional appearances by wayward vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Murphy and most impressively, live the band is often accompanied by Discordia Arts, who add theatrics, dance, and fire. Presumably South Carolina has less stringest Health & Safety Nazis than we have in the British Isles.

The tracklisting for the album Wasted Wine vs. the Hypnosis Center is as follows:

1. [Instructions]
2. Fall Upon Me
3. Shoreline Senorita
4. The Strangest of Eyes
5. The Post Office
6. MFR
7. (Shoreline Again)
8. The Bourgeoisie
9. I Told You
10. Heaven
11. (& Etcetera)

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