Gig Review – Dominic Waxing Lyrical

Gig Review: Dominic Waxing Lyrical/Norman Silver & The Gold
Edinburgh Henry’s Cellar Bar, November 25

Henry’s Cellar Bar is exactly that – in the best possible way, it’s a bar, it’s a cellar and if the person in front of you isn’t taller than you, it’s close enough to see the whites of the performers’ eyes. And it’s a packed show for two excellent bands who make a wonderful noise on a cold evening in Edinburgh.

I must confess that Norman Silver & The Gold were a new name to me. But their wonderful mix of punk, country, surf and rockabilly would probably lead to a knees up in a graveyard. Their very nice guitarist Neil Lincoln Bateman actually gave me a copy of their last album, War Memoirs on vinyl before the gig (seriously, why can’t more bands be this generous to reviewers? We *might* be more generous in return!). They kick off their set with that album’s opener The Gathering Storm’ and it’s a welcome start. With other soongs like ‘Promised Land’ and ‘China Doll’ this is a band who make one helluva racket in a glorious, wonderful way.

It’s been eighteen years since Dominic Waxing Lyrical released their first album. I’m not quite sure what Dominic Harris has been up to in the last eighteen years, exactly, but having heard his forthcoming Woodland Casual album, he’s been writing some great songs. Though not officially out until next year, tonight is the launch party for Woodland Casual, which is a fantastic album, and if there is any justice, will be seen as one of the great records of 2015 (after the year I’ve had, I’m not sure there is much justice in the world, but that’s by the bye). With the help of his mates from Aberfeldy (guitarist Riley Briggs, drummer Murray Briggs and Ken McIntosh on bass) they tear into the album.

There’s a great amount of banter going on, and Dominic gives Riley a bell to ring if he goes on too much. Either way, it’s entertaining. They play the album through in sync – and at the moment, I think my favourites are ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Janitor.’ The rumours around Dominic are legend – and given that the encore features him dressing as a bishop (without a mitre) and singing the first lines of various hymns – many of which I remember before my fall from grace – it ends an entertaining evening…

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