A song for today #14

Slow Riot

Hailing from Limerick, Slow Riot are Niall Clancy (vocals, bass), Aaron Duff (guitars) and Paul Cosgrave (drums). Taken from their forthcoming EP Cathedral, ‘City Of Culture’ is their debut single, a sardonic paean to the City of Culture status their hometown was awarded last year.

‘City of Culture’ is a fine slice of post-punk anger and energy, which draws on many fine acts from the past – but on the evidence of this track (and there’s nothing else on their soundcloud page at the time of writing), suggests that if they have more songs as good as this, then they’ll put Limerick on the international map, musically speaking (most successful band from Limerick at this point in history: The Cranberries).

‘City Of Culture’, and the forthcoming EP, were both recorded at the Manic Street Preachers’ FASTER studio in Cardiff with producer Kevin Vanbergen, (Pixies, The Maccabees, Biffy Clyro). FASTER’s in-house engineer Loz Williams and the Manics’ James Dean Bradfield himself extended a helping hand to the band.

The single’s released on Straight Lines Are Fine on July 10. Why not pre-order the single via iTunes and for now, enjoy it on the soundcloud link below?

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