A song for today #17

Mark Morriss

The Bluetones’ Mark Morriss is shortly (July 31) to release his second solo album The Taste Of Mark Morriss. It’s a covers album, and one of the tracks to be doing the rounds is his own unique take on the Sisters Of Mercy’s ‘Lucretia My Reflection,’ which was a hit in 1988 and appeared on the goth legends’ second album Floodland.

This is the video:

The original can (and indeed MUST be streamed by clicking on the link below)

This is the album tracklisting – and for fun if you click on the link you can hear the original (clever, eh?):

1. This Pullover (originally by Jess Conrad)
2. Rock & Roll Woman (originally by Buffalo Springfield)
3. Souvenir (originally by OMD)
4. Self Control (originally by Laura Branigan)
5. Duchess (originally by Scott Walker)
6. You Are My Friend (originally by Rain Parade)
7. Lucretia (My Reflection) (originally by Sisters of Mercy)
8. Angel (originally by Madonna)
9. Almost Gold (originally by Jesus & Mary Chain)
10.Don’t Let Go (originally by Weezer)
11.Love Comes Quickly (originally by The Pet Shops Boys)
12.Good Advices (originally by REM)

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