Kone are a three piece band who describe themselves as making ‘art music for guitars.’ They are (drum roll, please): Alice (Voice and Guitar), Graeme (Drums, Samples, and Voice) and Jonny (Voice and Bass). They have been gigging in London and Oxford so far (and hopefully will start gigging further afield). They produce an original take on the post-punk sound, and they have very colourful videos, which are just as much part of the Kone experience (that’s my opinion, not regurgitated from a press release, just in case you were wondering). They’ve been working with producer by Henry Dartnall of the Young Knives on their first two singles.

In June they released their debut single ‘No Colour World,’ the video for which can be seen below.

Their new forthcoming single is entitled ‘Bauhaus Table.’ That’s Bauhaus as in the German design of the Weimar Republic, (rather than the Northampton goth band of the original post-punk era). With a fantastic video by Hockson Productions, it does indeed feature a Bauhaus chair. Actually, it features lots of them.

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