A song for today #19

McAlmont and Butler

Photo credit: Bill Wilcox

It’s now 20 years since then ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler linked up with the stunning singer David McAlmont for the first time, producing two classic singles in ‘Yes’ and ‘You Do’, both big hits, and with the attendant b-sides (remember those?) forming the basis of their debut album The Sound of McAlmont & Butler.

They’ve reunited subsequently throughout the last twenty years, as well as having successful solo careers, but with the news of a short tour in November, and a twentieth anniversary reissue of the debut album, why not share the stunning ‘no.8 hit that was ‘Yes?’ To me this is a song that still sounds fresh, whilst reminding me of the summer I left school. And still failing to understand why David McAlmont isn’t lauded as one of the best British singers of his generation. Funny buggers, humans…

And as a bonus, the other single they did in 1995 ‘You Do.’

The album is reissued on October 2 and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Yes (Full Version)
2. What’s the Excuse This Time?
3. The Right Thing
4. Although
5. Don’t Call It Soul
6. Disappointment/Interval
7. The Debitor
8. How About You?
9. Tonight
10. You’ll Lose a Good Thing
11. You Do (Full Length Version)

Disc: 2

1. Yes
2. Yes (Four Track Demo)
3. Yes (Instrumental)
4. You Do
5. You Do (Mix 1)
6. Don’t Call It Soul
7. Don’t Call It Soul (Original Single Version)
8. How About You? (Original Single Version)
9. Tonight (Oompah Demo)
10. You Do
11. Walk On
12. Tonight (Overnight)
13. What’s the Excuse This Time?
14. Yes (Bernard Butler & Nigel Godrich 1995 Remix)
15. The Argument

The accompanying DVD is as follows:

1. Yes (Promo Video)
2. You Do (Promo Video)
3. Yes (‘Top of the Pops’, 18/05/95)
4. Yes (‘Top of the Pops’, 25/05/95)
5. Yes (‘Later. With Jools Holland’, 10/06/95)
6. You Do (‘Later. With Jools Holland’, 10/06/95)
7. You Do (‘Top of the Pops’, 02/11/95)
8. McAlmont Vs Butler (Interview)
9. Don’t Call It Soul (Live Acoustic, June 2015, London, NW6)
10. How About You? (Live Acoustic, June 2015, London, NW6)
11. You Do (Live Acoustic, June 2015, London, NW6)

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