A song for today #18


It’s been a while since I featured Zola Jesus on this blog (my inability to cope with emails, certainly not hers) and yet within a few seconds of starting to stream this track, I knew I had to feature it on the blog. I first heard her when she did ‘Sea Talk’ which was no.3 in my annual Festive Fifty back in 2010.

It’s called ‘Nail’ and it’s the latest track to be taken from her album Taiga (out now on Mute). It’s beautiful, and I sorta like the video too (even if it does encapsulate the thought of suffocating).

Take the necessary three and a half minutes to enjoy this.

2 thoughts on “A song for today #18

  1. Nice track. I remember Sea Talk well. It reminded me of the Ronettes, in a good way.

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