17 Seconds Christmas Posts 2015: part 5


So far, the Christmas songs I have posted on the blog are still available to go and buy. Today’s offerings from the Cocteau Twins seem to be long out of print, for reasons I’m not sure of, both physically and digitally (I had to write that last year, and sadly, nothing has changed. I have checked on Amazon and iTunes again – still nothing, at least in the UK.

In 1993 the band released a single called Snow which featured two Christmas classics done in their own, unique style. It comprised ‘Frosty The Snowman’ and ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland.’

So enjoy these, hopefully one day they will be available to buy again…perhaps on a re-issue of Four Calendar Cafe, which was the most recent album the Cocteau Twins had put out, a few months previously. And if the band would like to re-issue Milk and Kisses, their final album, on vinyl, that would be nice, too…

2 thoughts on “17 Seconds Christmas Posts 2015: part 5

  1. Thanks – that CD is no longer in print in the UK, nor is it available to order 🙁

    I suspect that this may be down to licensing issues with tracks on the second issue being on Fontana, while the majority of their career was with 4AD.

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