17 Seconds Christmas Posts 2015: part 6


A few years back, Kate Bush released a Christmas album, 50 Words For Snow which was truly up there with the best of her work (read my review here). It wasn’t, however, the first time she’d released any Christmas music.

Back in 1980, when she was still putting out music pretty regularly, she had a Christmas hit single with the enchanting ‘December Will Be Magic Again.’ Which as it’s December tomorrow, I thought was appropriate.


Now, yet again this is a track that it seems is very hard to buy (note to record companies: you know how people went and bought lots of copies of the Adele album, which you couldn’t stream? Well, does it ever occur to you that maybe people might actually buy music if they could buy the stuff they would like to?), and as far as I can tell there was never a proper video either, but there is this footage from her 1979 TV special of her performing the song:

Meanwhile, this 1993 Christmas song by Ms. Bush ‘Home For Christmas’ does crop up on various Christmas compilations, and you can buy this song on iTunes (amongst other places). This is a fan-made video which is rather good. The song was the 12″ b-side to the ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ single.

2 thoughts on “17 Seconds Christmas Posts 2015: part 6

  1. I’m doing a series over at my blog on the year 1980, so I got The Cure reference in your website name 😉 December Will Be Magic Again is superb, a pity it’s so hard to buy. I think it would have fit well on Never For Ever, maybe it wasn’t ready in time.

  2. It would have worked, it’s true.

    Maybe it’s time there were reissues of her studio albums with all the b-sides and stuff…

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