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Well, I was off in Australia, and it was fabulous. As always, I try to discover new music while I’m travelling, and maybe I’ll do a post on some of the stuff I heard whilst I was out there.

One email I got when I was in Melbourne was from a Melbourne-based label called Lost and Lonesome. One of the emails I received was of one of their artists called Lucy Roleff.

According to her biography, she is ‘a classically trained, lyrical-folk songstress from Melbourne. Born to a German Opera singer father and Maltese mother, she spent a childhood steeped in ornate European classical music, storytelling and folk styles.’ For all I know, this may not be true, but it makes for more interesting reading than playing on the X-Box and hanging out at the mall, right? ‘Aspen’ is taken from her debut album This Paradise, out on July 15. She produces folk music that has nothing to do with the ‘it’s acoustic so it must be folk’ likes of the beard-strokers by numbers, but instead comparisons could be drawn with the likes of Joanna Newsom, Nick Drake and Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins.

This is one of the best things I have heard this year.

The video is spectacular, too

This is her first EP, Longbows, released in 2013, which is also rather lovely:

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