The return of Kid Canaveral

Kate Canaveral

I’ve long championed Kid Canaveral on this blog – and interviewed them around the time of their first album Shouting At Wildlife.
The band are shortly to release their third album Faulty Inner Dialogue on July 29 on Lost Map Records, and are touring before the release of the album, with the launch taking place at Edinburgh’s Summerhall on July 30 (more details about the album launch and live dates here.

This is the video for the first single ‘First We Take Dumbarton.’

This is the album teaser video:

2 thoughts on “The return of Kid Canaveral

  1. First seen Kid Canaveral many many years ago…. didn’t realise they had hid away. Last year I watched them play up in Highlands and reminded me of years gone by in the Burgh. Cheers for heads up on their new music!

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