The return of Spiral Stairs


Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs (Scott Kannberg to his Mum, and presumably once the school register) will return with his second solo album as Spiral Stairs (in addition to the two he released under the name Preston School of Industry) on March 24.

Entitled Doris and the Daggers, the album features an impressive list of US indie stars: Matt Berninger of The National, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Justin Peroff, Kelley Stoltz and Shudder To Think’s Adam Wade. Additionally, the video for the first track ‘Dance (Cry Wolf)’ features Grandaddy’s Jason Lyttle playing the part of Spiral Stairs.

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Dance (Cry Wolf)
2. Emoshuns
3. Dundee Man
4. AWM
5. No Comparison
6. The Unconditional
7. Trams (Stole My Love)
8. Exiled Tonight
9. Angel Eyes
10. Doris and the Daggers

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