The Light that burns twice as bright burns half as long

There are certain bands whose importance cannot be understated. I could probably spend all night making a list of how they changed things, but let us just say…Without Joy Division, bands like U2 and The Cure would have sounded radically different, the entire ‘goth’ movement would have been hugely unlike what it is (Ian Curtis was the inspiration for The Crow), the ‘indie’ scene would have been radically, utterly different (and worse) and I’d have to have to have a different all time song instead of Atmosphere. There are possibly people who have never heard these songs (it’s that gap in your life) so watch both of these then go and buy all the stuff you can on Amazon, if you don’t buy second hand vinyl (and shame on you). In all seriousness, if I had to grab one record out of my collection if the flat was on fire, it would be the 12″ of Atmosphere/She’s Lost Control (yes, I could probably buy it on a compilation CD, but if you make remarks like that, you’re not quite getting it, are you? Hmm?)Yes, Joy Division became New Order after Ian Curtis’ suicide – but let us not focus on this. Instead, these two songs will change your world. The only song in the world that is more heartbreaking than Love will tear us apart is The Winner Takes It all by Abba – but that’s a post for another time…

Joy Division Atmosphere

Joy Division – Love will tear us apart

Do yourself a favour and go and buy Joy Division albums

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