Presenting…The Rosie Taylor Project

Well, there is no-one in the band called Rosie Taylor, but the Rosie Taylor Project:
(drum roll, presenting…)

JONNY: vocals, acoustic guitar.
SOPHIE: trumpet, vocals, french horn.
SAMM: keyboard, electric guitar, glockenspiel.
NICK: bass.
JOEL: drums…

are from Leeds and sound mighty, mighty fine. They have released one single so far ‘Black And White Films/Songs For Lost Lovers’ on Bad Sneakers Records and mighty, mighty fine they are too. If you love Aberfeldy, My Latest Novel and Sons and Daughters then you should be checking these guys out. These are beautiful songs that reaffirm your faith in music and life at the end of a long day. Or put the seal on a pretty good one in my case. If these songs don’t move you, make you smile and rejoice at life’s beauty…I give up, frankly.

The Rosie Taylor Project – Maps For Lost Lovers.’ mp3

The Rosie Taylor Project-‘The Sun On My Right.’ mp3

Hope you like these, then do as I did and go and buy them and make friends with them at MySpace.

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