(re)-presenting Bricolage

having done a post on one of Glasgow’s finest up and coming bands a few days ago (the well-received Wake The President) I here re-present Bricolage as yet another fine example of scottish indie talent.

I have yet to see them live (they’re playing Glasgow and London in the next wee while according to the blog, but not us folks here in Edinburgh) but after an excellent post by Matthew a few days ago over at Song, By Toad I relaised just how much I love them -and how anyone who hasn’t heard them yet should not be allowed to miss out:

Bricolage -‘Our Fires Electric.’ mp3

Bricolage -‘Temp It Up.’ mp3

Bricolage -‘The Waltzers.’ mp3

There are two other tracks available to download over on their MySpace page, as well as downloading their three singles from iTunes or wherever else you can find them.

A big Orange Juice post is coming this way very, very soon BTW…

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