Music from my inbox…autoKratz, Rosie Taylor Project, Left With Pictures


At the moment, my inbox seems like it’s crammed to the brim with new music, and I’m struggling to digest it all, never mind be able to blog on it all. I was very impressed with Matthew over at Song, By Toad gathering all of his outstanding stuff into a podcast to do that with, I have yet to learn how to put a podcast together, but for now, here are three great tracks that I have managed to listen to.

autoKratz are signed to the violently cool, eighties electro influenced Kitsune, who have also put out records by the likes of La Roux and the Klaxons. They released a mini album last year entitled Down And Out In Paris And London and their full-length proper album Animal will be released in June. They’ve made available as a free download their cover of Primal Scream’s rather wonderful ‘Swastika Eyes.’ What I like about this cover is at first it sounds quite similar to the original, and as you listen to it, you relaise how different it is. Very clever, folks!

autoKratz -‘Swastika Eyes.’ mp3


Last year, I raved about the debut album from The Rosie Taylor Project, entitled This City Draws Maps. Record company Bad Sneakers have asked me to post the first new material from theri forthcoming second album, as yet untitled. This track is called ‘Lovers Or Something Like It.’ It bodes very well…and this will be released as a single in June.

The Rosie Taylor Project -‘Lovers Or Something Like It.’ mp3


Meanwhile, I was emailed in April about Left With Pictures, and to my shame, it’s taken me this long to get round to writing about them. Their double A-side single Every Stitch every Line / Her Father’s Nose is released next week, this is the AA side, which I have played three times today and am really enjoying. They describe themselves as Chamber pop, I’m enjoying their sense of humour and lightness of touch. I think you will too:

Left With Pictures -‘Her Father’s Nose.’ mp3

As always, as well as downloading the music, please let me know what you think of the music, and go and make friends with them on their respective myspace pages! (Follow the links…)

Update: yes, I have changed the picture of the Rosie Taylor Project, as the record company politely got in touch to say could I update it with a photo of the current band. Yes, I could – and I did! Apologies to Bad Sneakers Records and to the Rosie Taylor Project.

Oh, and just in case you’re interested…

…and you sure as heck should be…

1. I interviewed The Rosie Taylor Project earlier this evening. They were absolutely lovely and their debut LP This City Draws Maps will be out in two weeks’ time on Bad Sneakers.

This is a track from the said album, which they said themselves they were happy for me to put up:

Rosie Taylor Project -‘A Few Words Of Farewell.’ mp3

Track removed by polite request

2. Another 17 Seconds reader, Craig, emailed me an mp3, remixed in 1974 of the Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett song ‘Vegetable Man’ that was covered by the Jesus and Mary Chain. Thanks very much Craig, and indeed AJ for getting the whole shebang started, and ben and Graeme for sending me versions of the track. You all rule.

Pink Floyd -‘Vegetable Man.’ mp3

Album Review: Rosie Taylor Project

Rosie Taylor Project -‘This City Draws Maps.’ (Bad Sneakers Records)

This album isn’t released for over a month, but I’ve been impressed enough with this that I feel I have to share with you just how great it is. This is a beautiful dreamy eight track album that drwas upon the promise of last summer’s debut single ‘Black and White Films’ and opens with their contribution to the In The City compilation ‘The Sun On My Right.’

I could sit here reeling off names that you might link with this, but let’s just say that it’s not just another twee-pop band, and I’m starting to feel so strongly about this band and this album that I think it might deflect attention that I would rather was on them, frankly. There is so much more here on offer. The next single ‘A Good Cafe On George Street’ which hopefully will get the sales and airplay it so definitely deserves. Album closer ‘The Water’s Edge’ which has a brief trumpet intro that could melt your heart at a thousand paces – and that’s before the vocals kick in. These tracks are so simple, so beautiful…and yet so affecting.

I’ve played this several times this week already, and I love it more with every listen. When it’s released, I’m sure you will to. Believe me, it will be worth the wait. A contender for one of the best albums of 2008.


Bad Sneakers’ webpage is here

Rosie Taylor Project’s MySpace is here

I know I’ve posted it here before but it’s such a great track:

Rosie Taylor Project -‘The Sun On My Right.’ mp3

If you want to hear more, head to the MySpace…and leave me feedback!

Presenting…The Rosie Taylor Project

Well, there is no-one in the band called Rosie Taylor, but the Rosie Taylor Project:
(drum roll, presenting…)

JONNY: vocals, acoustic guitar.
SOPHIE: trumpet, vocals, french horn.
SAMM: keyboard, electric guitar, glockenspiel.
NICK: bass.
JOEL: drums…

are from Leeds and sound mighty, mighty fine. They have released one single so far ‘Black And White Films/Songs For Lost Lovers’ on Bad Sneakers Records and mighty, mighty fine they are too. If you love Aberfeldy, My Latest Novel and Sons and Daughters then you should be checking these guys out. These are beautiful songs that reaffirm your faith in music and life at the end of a long day. Or put the seal on a pretty good one in my case. If these songs don’t move you, make you smile and rejoice at life’s beauty…I give up, frankly.

The Rosie Taylor Project – Maps For Lost Lovers.’ mp3

The Rosie Taylor Project-‘The Sun On My Right.’ mp3

Hope you like these, then do as I did and go and buy them and make friends with them at MySpace.