Dirty Summer-they’re back! And so are the Black Kids

You may remember that a few months ago, I wrote about a band from Fife, Scotland called Dirty Summer. In my write-up, I commented that there were very few bands I could say for certain that John Peel would like, but this was one band I’d risk my neck on. They are fabulous. Download their free four track EP today!

Go here to set about downloading their EP for free

Or try this

meanwhile, 17 Seconds favourites The Black Kids‘ debut single proper ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’ is out on Monday, but you can get it on iTunes now (in the UK at any rate). C’mon let’s get it into the charts.

This is the official video:

And in case any of you didn’t see this on the BBC the other day, this is Lenny Henry introducing them on the Jools Holland Show:

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