Oh, and just in case you’re interested…

…and you sure as heck should be…

1. I interviewed The Rosie Taylor Project earlier this evening. They were absolutely lovely and their debut LP This City Draws Maps will be out in two weeks’ time on Bad Sneakers.

This is a track from the said album, which they said themselves they were happy for me to put up:

Rosie Taylor Project -‘A Few Words Of Farewell.’ mp3

Track removed by polite request

2. Another 17 Seconds reader, Craig, emailed me an mp3, remixed in 1974 of the Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett song ‘Vegetable Man’ that was covered by the Jesus and Mary Chain. Thanks very much Craig, and indeed AJ for getting the whole shebang started, and ben and Graeme for sending me versions of the track. You all rule.

Pink Floyd -‘Vegetable Man.’ mp3

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