New Streets song!

Poet Laureate* Mike Skinner is set to release his fourth album Everything Is Borrowed on September 15.

Yesterday, via the NME website, he announced that the final track ‘The Escapist’ had been released as a free download, and there is also a video to go with it, which features his ‘epic walk to France.’ Apparently he did do the walk, hope it was less humid than the weather currently besieging me in 17Seconds Towers.

There are some people who are rude about Skinner, dubbing him a ‘mockney’, but that’s their opinion. As far as I am concerned, he’s infintely preferable to any wannabe gangsta (and I’ve encountered them in parts of Scotland you might not expect) and a brilliant lyricist and tunesmith. Bring on the fourth album and silence the losers once and for all.

The Streets – The Escapist.’ mp3

* OK, so he isn’t technically poet laureate, but he’d be better than the one that we had some time ago, who treated his wife like dirt, frankly.

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