Presenting…17 Seconds Records’ latest signing!


Yup! very excited to announce the latest signing to 17 Seconds Records, Dundee’s The Wildhouse. The band consist of Paul (who sings and plays guitar), Peter (who plays guitar and screams) and Sheila (who plays the drums. More to the point: plays them standing up like Mo Tucker!) They make great noisy guitar pop and do not appear to do surnames, capital letters or bass players. Their manifesto can be glimpsed here.

The band have so far released two record on their own ‘uh huh records of hollywood’ – Hyenas and Poet:Saint. Their third album is to be entitled Jackson ’56. So…we at 17 Seconds Records will shortly be releasing a digital fve track EP entitled The Wildhouse Sampler and the first two albums on digital. We will also be issuing Jackson ’56 sometime in 2010.

The Wildhouse’s myspace can be found here and ours can be found here.

For the meantime, the band have graciously agreed that we can give this away as a free download. It’s called ‘Ficca’ and it’s fab.

The Wildhouse -‘Ficca.’ mp3

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