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Back in 2007, it was a major coup for this blog to have one of its’ first interviews with Emma Pollock, founder member of the Delgados and the seminal Glasgow indie label Chemikal Underground (which notches up its’ fifteenth year in 2010). After the Delgados had split after five excellent studio albums in 2005, she released her debut solo album, Watch the Fireworks in 2007. That album came out on 4AD and came third in the 2007 17 Seconds albums of the year list. She also had several numbers in the 2007 Festive Fifty. She is now ‘returned to the heaving bosom of Chemikal Underground’ and her new album is entitled ‘The Law Of Large Numbers.’ It will be released on March 1, 2010.

The tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

Hug The Piano (And)
Hug The Harbour
I Could Be A Saint
Red Orange Green
Nine Lives
House On The Hill
Letters To Strangers
The Loop
The Child In Me
Chemistry Will Find Me
Hug The Piano (Or)

It was recorded as the famous Chem 19 studios, with Paul Savage producing, the man behind some of the key Scottish albums of the last decade, including Watch The Fireworks, as well as being Mr. Pollock. This track has been made available as a free download:

Emma Pollock -‘Hug the Harbour.’ mp3

This is a free, legal download of ‘Adrenaline’, the 17 Seconds festive Fifty no.1 in 2007:

Emma Pollock -‘Adrenaline.’ mp3

Emma Pollock website/Emma Pollock myspace

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