Frightened Rabbit…an almost weekly update…and Twilight Sad!


I know, I know…it’s been at least, what, a week at least since I mentioned Frightened Rabbit on here?

However, with Fat Cat sending me both the Twilight Sad’s remix of an Errors’ track (the remix of the opening track from Errors’ forthcoming album out on February 15, Come Down With Me), and the video for the new Frightened Rabbit single both arriving in my inbox today…how could I not?

To these ears, the Twilight Sad remix evokes Fuck Buttons (which is interesting, sorta, as the Errors played with Fuck Buttons in Scotland when they were both supporting Mogwai, whose label, incidentally, Rock Action, the Errors are signed to!)

Errors -‘Bridge Or Cloud? (Twilight Sad remix).’ mp3

Meanwhile, this is the video for the new Frightened Rabbit single ‘Nothing Like You’ out on February 22. I am fervently hoping that there is not going to be a backlash against Frightened Rabbit now they are getting the attention they so richly deserve.

Frightened Rabbit on MUZU

(Sorry I confused Frightened Rabbit with Twilight Sad earlier – a depressingly early senior moment at the age of thirty three)

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